Before Diana, Joan of Arc, Mary of Nazareth, or Cleopatra, there was an an Egyptian woman called Iset. She was better known by her Greek name, Isis.

A young princess who yearns for an ordinary life struggles to embrace her extraordinary destiny and changes the course of civilization.

A woman longing to see the face of the man she loves every day of her life remaps the boundaries between heaven and earth to resurrect her murdered lover.

A mother to a savior god faces the wrath of rival gods to save her son and brings peace and prosperity to a corrupt and dying land.

Lover, mother, healer, patriot, queen, and goddess, Iset recalls an epic and harrowing tale of wits, magic, divine compromises, and a love powerful enough to conquer death.

For the first time in 6000 years, the goddess speaks and reveals the woman behind the myth.
Queen of Heka
Ancient Egyptian gods play a game of thrones
"When you possess the one true, secret name of a god, they say you can do anything, even bring a man back from the dead. Twice.".
Queen of Heka
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