3000 years separate Egyptologist Destiny(Dessie)WESTFIELD and her soul mate Prince Setne Khaem Waset, the magician son of Ramses the Great. When Dessie discovers Khaem Waset's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, she opens a portal to the past, meets the prince who claims she is his long lost wife, and unearths clues about a deadly plot against Ramses by a descendant of the doomed Pharaoh Akhenaten. Conspirators intend to depose Ramses and the old gods and restore the heretical religion of the Aten, and Khaem Waset's wife may have been involved.
Reeds of Time
As Dessie and Khaem Waset's lives converge, the plot against Ramses finds its counterpart in present-day Egypt when radical Islam grips the villages surrounding the Valley of the Kings.

In an ancient land seething with modern religious and political turmoil, Dessie discovers love and magic can part the reeds of time, but only a sacrifice of the greatest magnitude can reunite her with her long lost love.
Khaem Waset was the fourth son of Ramses the Great and accompanied his father to war at the tender age of four. He became a Sem-Priest of the god Ptah in Memphis, and the name Setne is derived from his title.

Known as the first Egyptian archaeologist, he restored the monuments of earlier kings and nobles in the name of his father. In later periods of Egyptian history, Khaem Waset was remembered as a wise man and magician.

He was the hero in a cycle of stories dating to Greco-Roman times. In the first tale,he seeks and finds the BOOK of THOTH, a book of powerful magical spells that contained all the knowledge in the universe.
Queen of Heka
Reeds of Time
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